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What Made the Tire Pressure Light Come On?

Tires must be properly inflated to work the right way. Correct inflation levels support the safely handling of tires. A tire pressure monitoring system works to inform drivers when the tires need more air or a little let out. Different factors contribute to the causes of pressure monitor going off.

Holes in the tires won't exactly help keep tire pressure stable. As air escapes from the tire, the air pressure sensors pick up on the loss. A warning should go off once the pressure drops.

Temperature can cause the alert to sound off. More specifically, the temperature's effect on the air in the tires sets off the sensor and monitor. Early morning old weather may cause a tire to lose pressure. Hot air has the opposite effect. At least, cold weather underinflation can return to normal as the temperature heats up during the day.

You don't want to drive around Tampa with over or underinflated tires. At Parks Lincoln of Tampa, our service center can check out why the tire pressure is off and perform the appropriate fix.

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