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The Nature of Gaskets Revealed!

I’ve driven the streets of Tampa, seeing all too many breakdowns where the drivers clearly can’t identify the problem. Trying to be a good person, I stop and help when I can. Almost always, mysterious failures are because gaskets fail. These seem to understandably mystify people, so I’d like to clear up what these things really are.

What in the world are these things?

The short answer is, they’re just seals. They’re mostly made of flexible metals (We recommend steel ones, but copper ones are ok too), and there’s usually a rubbery coating on them. They’re flexible, and form-fitting. They’re supposed to keep your fluids from mixing together or leaking out, and to keep air in or out of places. This is all vital to your vehicle performing right.

If you think you’ve blown a gasket, don’t blow a metaphorical one as well. Check your oil pan (this one keeps oil supplied to the crankshaft as it moves), your cylinder heads (these provide padding between the cylinders and engine block) and your intake/exhaust manifolds (these keep air flowing and keep temperatures under control).

You can prevent these problems by knowing how to spot failing gaskets – they’re obvious about it. They crack, they corrode, they let gaps form and they let nasty stuff build up. You can also keep them lasting longer if you change your oil, steering fluid, coolant and antifreeze often.

We want everyone to stay safe on the road, so come see us in our service center at Parks Lincoln of Tampa today to learn more about this.

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