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Why Do Cars Suddenly Stall While Driving Down the Road?

Most drivers think of the ignition system as the starter activation at the initial moment of ignition to start the vehicle. Though this concept has the element of being factual, it is not an all-inclusive concept. Your ignition is continually firing after while your car is running sending spark after spark into your combustion chamber. If your car suddenly stalls while you are driving, the issue is a lack of ignition.

The cut-off of ignition can occur at any time if your vehicle is not properly tuned or if one of the vast array of ignition components is worn. Logically, when your car is running, you should have continuous ignition under any circumstances. However, if your ignition switch is worn, it cannot direct the power properly.

For ignition switch issues, bring your car to our service center here at Parks Lincoln of Tampa in Tampa, FL for correction.


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