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Understanding the Importance of Oil Viscosity

Every vehicle owner is surely aware of the importance of regularly checking their engine oil. However, it is not simply enough to top up your oil reservoir whenever it is running low, as you also need to make sure that you’re using the right type of oil. Unfortunately, most drivers don’t fully understand what oil viscosity is or what these numbers mean.

Viscosity is the term used to gauge a motor oil’s resistance to flowing. Oils with a higher viscosity are much more resistant to flowing and thus slower moving that less viscous oil. On motor oil, viscosity is represented by two numbers, such as 10W-40. The first number represents the oil’s viscosity when the engine is cold, whereas the number after the W designates the viscosity when hot.

These viscosity numbers are important, as different types of oil work better for different weather conditions. Generally speaking, higher viscosity oil should be used during warm weather, while colder weather requires an oil with a lower viscosity.

Using the wrong type of oil diminishes its ability to keep your engine properly lubricated and thus increases the risk of damage. Of course, this is something you’ll never need to worry about when you bring you vehicle into Parks Lincoln of Tampa in Tampa, FL, as our professional staff are always happy to give you advice about which oil viscosity is best for your specific vehicle.

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