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Why Do Brake Pads Need to be Inspected?

As a car owner, you often hear that your brakes need to be inspected from time to time. That's especially true if they begin to squeak when you step on the brake pedal.

Brake pads wear down gradually as they are used because they grind against the brake rotors. It's important to replace them before they are gone. They squeak when that time is near. If you continue to use them, you'll start to hear the grinding of the calipers against the rotors. That sounds means it's time to stop driving until the brakes can be serviced.

If you start hearing that tell-tale squeak when braking, bring your vehicle in to our service center at our location in Tampa. Here at Parks Lincoln of Tampa, our automotive technicians can check your brakes and let you know if it’s time to replace your brake pads.

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