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Your Tire Tread Helps Keep You Going Straight Ahead

Almost all of us have heard the expression "where the rubber meets the road". Well, in the case of your tire tread, this is exactly spot on.

The tread on your tires is what gives your vehicle traction. Without it, you can find yourself all over the road. This can be especially true in the rain when the roads are wet. Without the proper amount of tread, the water doesn't get displaced properly, and you can feel those wheels spinning underneath you. If you have ever taken off from a stop sign on a slick road with insufficient tread, then you know the feeling. The wheels spin freely for a second and then grab, causing you to jerk off of the line. It's not a good feeling.

That is why our service team here at Parks Lincoln of Tampa encourages drivers to come into our service department for regular tire inspections and rotations. Doing this will help your tread wear more evenly and result in longer life for your tires.

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