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Maintaining Control in the Rain

The old saying that the brakes stop the wheels but the tires stop the car is especially true when driving on wet pavement. If you have ever had a sensation of gliding while driving through standing water, you were hydroplaning.

Remember that your car's connection with the road is limited to four spots of rubber a little bigger than the palm of your hand. When your tires cannot push water out of the way fast enough, it gets between your tires and the road and you have lost control of the steering and the brakes.

The two main culprits in hydroplaning are worn tires and excess speed. There are steps you can take to protect yourself:

  • Rotate your tires on a regular basis.
  • Replace tires before they are bald.
  • Slow down in wet weather.
  • Turn off the cruise control.

If you are not sure when your tires need to be rotated or replaced, come see us in our service center at Parks Lincoln of Tampa. We are here to help.

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